What is Celebrity Marketing?

Celebrity marketing is the process of using a celebrity’s image, endorsement or use of a product or service in order to convince other people to do it. But web marketing using celebrities may work a little differently than other types of celeb endorsement.

How to get celebrity endorsements?

Celebrities are asked to endorse products in exchange for large sums of money. While some celebrities will only endorse products that they actually believe in, others are willing to endorse almost anything if the price is right and depending upon their level of celebrity, the price might not have to be that high at all.

If you want to get an endorsement from a celebrity, you need to ask what it would take for that celebrity to endorse your product and then decide if you can meet those requirements.


Celebrity Branding

When it comes to celebrity branding, there is a great deal of power in a celebrity attaching a name to a product or service. When they become associated with
that product or service, people are going to think of it whenever they see that celebrity. This also works well for the celebrity in some cases, because when people see that product or service, they are also going to think of that celebrity, which extends their fame.

Celebrity branding is done several ways in real-world advertising and to a lesser extent in digital marketing.

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Celebrity advertising used in digital marketing:

In order to promote a celeb-branded product on the web, web celebrities are often used. This may include those who become popular and make their living posting YouTube videos, those who maintain blogs that are highly visible and even those who have transferred their real-world fame into a much larger internet fame like Felicia Day.

Felicia Day started her internet celebrity journey by creating and starring in a web series called “The Guild” which features great comedy writing and excellent acting. She turned this into the Geek & Sundry channel on YouTube and has become one of the biggest web influencers out there.




9 thoughts on “What is Celebrity Marketing?”

  1. What a great Blog! Brands are using tons of celebrities nowadays to market their product for them! It is expensive, but the celebrities fan reach will make you tons of money if they fall into your marketing trap! Haha. Thanks, for sharing


  2. Hi Danielle, this is a very interesting topic. I have seen celebrity endorsements has become a very big thing, i think its only going to get bigger and more effective to use celebrities to endorse brands.


  3. Thank you for opening my eyes to the differences between celebrity endorsements in the real world and in the digital world. YouTube certainly is a great platform for people to make a name for themselves, but I never realized that celebrities on YouTube can also be used as endorsers. Your post has great content, I look forward to reading your next blog post.


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